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About "Recommended Contractors" group:

Welcome to "Recommended Contractors." we are the largest group in the field of renovations, with reliable experts ready to assist those who want or thinking of renovating/renewing. In our group, inquiring customers can post their questions and requests for consulting, and our professionals will respond and support in no time.

Our qualified experts are renovation contractors, architects, interior designers, building engineers, and more. All are registered contractors' in the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

You are invited to contact us and ask questions about various renovations, from renewing your kitchen to choosing the tiles. Our contractors will be delighted to answer and provide tips.

Are you thinking of renovation? Let our experienced professionals advise you. Fill in your details in the contact form on the "Recommended Contractors" website; tell us when you think of starting renovations. What would you like to renovate, and what kind of Renovation Contractor do you need? What is your budget, and what area do you live in? And we will make sure to send you several prices offers from three registered and recommended contractors within 48 hours.

When and why is it crucial to work with a registered contractor?

The Ministry of Construction and Housing holds all the registered contractors' information, including their professional and financial classification. It puts their work under review, ensuring they operate by the Israeli standards of housing and construction.

The law requires that structural engineering works and renovations over a specific financial budget or a particular type must be carried out only by a registered contractor. The registration of contractors at the Ministry of Construction and Housing is a certificate for the contractors, work insurance to the workers, and guarantee for the customers, not only in the financial aspect but also in ensuring safe, professional, and quality work.

Good luck with the renovations!

Recommended "Contractors Group"

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